How to Make your Man Addicted to You

How to make your man addicted to youHave you been wondering why and how some women was able to get a man addicted to them and let them shower their desire, attention and love on these women? It does not really matter how long the relationship is but there seems to be magic formula why men stick so tightly on women to the extent of even worshipping them and doing whatever they want.

If you really want to make your man addicted to you and make him stay that way for long, there are actually many helpful ways on how you can do it. Magic formula might be true and effective for some but it still pays to adapt combination of the following ways to ensure that your man will ultimately be devoted and addicted to you:

  • Get In-Tune Emotionally 

If you really want your man to feel an addictive, deep and intense love for you, then you need to get in tune emotionally. This basically means that you have to connect with the emotional part of your man instead of his logical part. Many women do not actually get this and in fact, majority of them opt to dress sexy, cook amazing meals and more to logically convince men to like them. These do not actually work. Why? Because these women are actually missing the highly important part of the puzzle and that is “emotion”.

  • Make Yourself a Unique and Valuable Asset

Are you wondering why diamonds are considered to be so valuable? Is it because they are expensive and pretty? These are not actually the only basis. The fact that diamonds are very valuable is that they are hard to acquire and rare on its kind. So, one way on how to make your man addicted to you is to establish yourself as a highly valuable asset exactly like diamonds. You really need to position yourself in a way that your man will ultimately feel scared to lose you.

  • Be Irresistible

This tends to be the fun and exciting part of getting your man addicted to you. You do not really need to look like the prettiest and hottest celebrity to do this. You only need to accept who you really are and love yourself. Do not complain about your looks instead work your way to make yourself even better. Remember that men love women with will power and confidence.

  • Do a Little Bit of  Flirting

Many women would agree with this way of getting a man attracted to them. Do a little bit of flirting and tease him. Send your man some inviting and sexy messages to his phone or leave love notes on his pocket. Delaying men’s pleasure or gratification will make them fantasize on women even more.

  • Maintain your Own Independence

Though getting your man addicted to you is your main goal here, it does not necessarily mean that you have to spend time with him every minute or wait for him the entire time. Maintain your own independence and give your man a reason to miss you. This way, your man might establish the strong desire or urge to be with you.

If you really want your man to be addicted to you, you can also appeal to your man’s basic instincts or add some mystery. Follow all these ways and your man will surely not look for another woman ever again.

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