The Stages Of Marriage Every Relationship Passes

Building a successful marriage takes a lifetime. After a couple gets married, it is not going to be smooth sailing for the rest of their lives. There are several stages of marriage that most couples go through. If they can make it through each stage, they will have a long lasting relationship.

Stage 1: The Honeymoon Phase
This is the first phase of marriage. It is when the couple feels the most passion, and they cannot keep their hands off of each other. The honeymoon phase will not last forever. Typically, after the first year or two of marriage, this should die down. The best part of the honeymoon phase is that it gives the couple a chance to build a strong bond with each other.

Stage 2: Realization
Once the honeymoon phase is over, both parties will start to see their spouse as a human who has flaws. This is the time that both spouses will start to see that there are things their significant other does that drives them crazy. As long as both spouses are patient and they can talk about how their spouse’s bad habits are affecting them, the marriage should make it through this phase.

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Stage 3: Rebellion
The next stage of marriage occurs when both spouses want something that is just theirs. He may want to spend his weekends playing softball and she may want to spend more time focusing on her career. When each spouse’s own self-interests take over, it can cause anger and frustration. If the couple cannot get past the anger and frustration and find a way to compromise, the marriage could fail.

Stage 4: Cooperation
By this time, the couple will likely have a mortgage, children, and responsibilities. This is where the marriage seems almost like a business arrangement. There are so many things that need to be taken care of, love and romance must take a back seat. If the couple understands this, and they cooperate, the marriage will be stronger.

Stage 5: Reunion
After the children are grown and the couple’s financial situation is stable, it is finally time for them to relax and reunite. There is finally time for the couple to remember why they fell in love, and to find that passion again.

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Stage 6: Explosion
This is a stage that can either make or break the marriage. As the couple passes through midlife into their golden years, things can change. Health issues can arise, the couple’s parents can pass away, and other life-altering events can cause friction in the marriage. It is also a time where the couple looks back on their life and have regrets. These regrets are often taken out on the other person. If the couple can focus on the little things, and the daily joys of life, they should make it through this phase and they will be stronger for it.

Stage 7: Completion
This is the last phase of marriage, and it is filled with happiness. The couple has weathered all of the phases of marriage. They know each other better than they have ever known another person. The couple can finally relax and love each other and finally, enjoy the time that they have together. These are the relaxing, lazy days of marriage. A time to enjoy their grandchildren and their retirement.

Many young couples get married and think that marriage is easy. This is a mistake. It takes a great deal of work to maneuver through the phases of marriage. If they make it past each phase, their chances of staying together are good.

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