Signs That He’s the Right Guy for You

While dating, it can be easy to overlook someone’s flaws and stay with the wrong person for too long. Instead of basing whether or not he’s right for you based on your love for him, look for the signs that he’s Mr. Right for you. Here are five signs that he’s the right guy for you:

1. He’s Interested in Your Life

The right guy shows an interest in your dreams, beliefs, and other aspects of your life. He’ll listen to you talk about the dream job you’re working for and ask questions about your life. Although he may not want to participate in the same hobbies as you, Mr. Right will still listen and support you in your endeavors.

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2. You Feel Cherished

Mr. Right will make you feel cherished. If you don’t feel important to your boyfriend, then you’re probably not going to be happy in the relationship. Everyone wants to feel special to their significant other.

3. He Makes You Feel Safe

A good boyfriend will stand up for you and protect you. If you feel safe with him, then it indicates you trust him to protect you. It’s important for women to feel safe with their boyfriends. If he hasn’t defended you in the past and still doesn’t protect you, then he’s probably not Mr. Right.

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4. He Tries Winning the Favor of Your Family

The right guy is polite and respectful to your family. He will make an effort to be liked by them because of how important you are to him.

5. He Respects Your Privacy

Everyone needs privacy; therefore, Mr. Right will respect your privacy. When boyfriends demand passwords and infringe upon your right to privacy, it comes from lack of trust and insecurity. Unfortunately, that lack of trust will only cause problems in the relationship. Never consider marrying someone who doesn’t respect your privacy as he’s not Mr. Right.

Finding the right guy to spend your life with usually isn’t easy. Sometimes little things can prevent a relationship from working regardless of how you feel for each other. Before marrying someone or continuing a relationship that has had time to blossom, you should check for the five signs listed above that he’s Mr. Right for you.

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