What Men Expect On The First Date

You’ve landed a date with “prince charming” and tonight’s the night. Let’s make sure you’re ready for it! We all know what we expect out of the man on the first date but what does he expect from you?

Be punctual! The age old theory of “fashionably late” doesn’t exist anymore. Be ready when he stops by to pick you up. If you’re meeting him out somewhere call and let him know if you’re running late. You would expect the same from him, right?

Don’t overdo it on the perfume. Yes, we want to let him know that we smell amazing; but most guys and people in general don’t favor strong perfume! Wear something light that won’t make his eyes water!

Most men love to be able to carry on a conversation with a woman. As a woman, we sometimes hog the conversation and begin to ramble. So, sit back and allow him to do his share of talking. While he’s talking pay attention and ask questions. How else do you expect to get to know ‘prince charming’?

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This next tip goes for every date, not just the first date. Don’t talk about your ex! No man wants to hear about your ex! It ruins the mood! Make your conversation about getting to know you, not your ex!

Be yourself! It may be scary at first, to be yourself, but men like to know the real you! Don’t put on a ton of make-up and wear clothes you normally wouldn’t. You may turn him away with that, because he thinks that’s the real you! What we think they want and what they actually want are not as close as we think!

Try keeping your phone in your purse. Men don’t like when we come off as distracted. It’s common courtesy and you wouldn’t want him on his phone the whole time either! Facebook can wait, I promise!

Dress to impress but don’t let it all hang out! A man likes a woman who doesn’t put her body on display for everyone to see! You don’t want to come off that way, especially on a first date!

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Having a few drinks is great. It breaks the ice and mellows the mood. Know your limits! Do not, I repeat, do not become intoxicated! It’s okay to have a buzz, but no man wants his date to become a slurring, stumbling mess! You wouldn’t want to hold his hair back, right? The feeling is mutual! This also keeps you safe and will keep you from getting yourself into a bad situation.

As women we know we expect a lot from a man. We expect them to be polite. We expect them to make us feel important and pretty. Why shouldn’t we? In return, keep in mind what a man expects on the first date! With these easy tips you’ll be on your way to a second date in no time. Now, go figure out what to wear, get ready, and have a memorable first date with your ‘prince charming’!

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