Hey Girls, Love the One Who Loves You – Not the One Who Never Will

hey-girl-love-the-one-who-loves-youLadies, there are two kinds of boyfriends – the ones that treat you right and the ones who only treat themselves right. Many girls chase the unattainable, instead of noticing the reliable guy right in front of her that would make a great boyfriend. It is natural to have an attraction to what you can’t have, but it does not serve you in the long run. The key to a happy, lasting relationship is to love the one who loves you.

The time you spend waiting to see if a certain guy will finally call is actually time wasted, when there are plenty of good guys out there who would appreciate your attention. The thrill of the chase can be fun; however, if you are doing the chasing and being taken for granted as a back up date or on the side romance, what fun is that? If by some chance, this elusive man settles for you and settles down, for financial, family pressure or other reasons, you will not be happy.

If you marry a man who loves you, your fate will be far different from marrying a man who doesn’t love you. A husband who loves you will be there, through good times and bad, and make your happiness his priority. He will really mean the vows at the alter, and be with you through sickness and in health. If you want to see if a man will make a good husband, see how he treats you as your boyfriend if you come down with the flu. If he brings you tissues and makes you tea, he’s a keeper. If he finds excuse after excuse to stay away, you can be assured he will act worse as a husband.

Don’t be fooled by empty promises just to get a ring on your finger. A man can date and even marry you and not love you for many impulsive reasons, including to get back at an ex whom he still loves. Don’t settle for maybe, wait for forever, even if it takes time. Every woman deserves to give her love to the one who really loves her.

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