How to Fix Emotional Distance in Your Marriage

Have you noticed that you’re not as close to your spouse as you once were? Emotional distance in marriage is a common problem that married couples encounter at some point. Some learn how to fix the distance in their marriage and revive their relationship, whereas others don’t have such a happy ending due to not knowing how to close the distance. As long as you’re prepared to remain diligent in your efforts, you are likely to improve your marriage. Remember that many things take time. Be patient and enjoy the process.

Start Initiating Intimacy on a Regular Basis

To fix the emotional distance in your marriage, you should start initiating intimacy on a regular basis. You can start small by initiating interesting conversations with your husband. As you become more confident and comfortable, you can expand by initiating other things that will help repair the emotional bond with your partner. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get much of a response the first few times. It takes time to pull yourselves out of the slump because it has become routine.

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Don’t Expect Immediate Results

The odds are your husband won’t reciprocate immediately. As explained in the previous paragraph, it takes time to close the distance in your marriage because it’s what you two have become used to. It’s normal for you to feel discouraged or frustrated sometimes while working to repair your marriage, but remember to not take it out on your partner. If you need to, take a breather on your own and try again next time with the same optimistic mindset. Trust yourself that you’ll succeed. Your husband most likely wants an intimate, happy marriage with you again as badly. It just takes time to overcome the problem.

Bring up Good Memories

A powerful way to rekindle the emotional intimacy between you and your spouse is to reminisce on good memories together. If you have pictures, videos, or souvenirs of the memory, then dig those out too. Reflecting on good memories will remind you and your husband of the happiness you felt during those moments. You’ll remember how passionate and close you were. It’s only natural you’ll want to feel that way again.

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The most important thing to remember about fixing the emotional distance in your marriage is to stay patient and diligent. Immediate results only happen in rare instances. Start initiating on a regular basis and reminisce with your spouse on good memories. You’ll improve your emotional intimacy this way.

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