5 Best Tips for Dating the Guy You Can’t Live Without

People have been dating for ages and although society continues to change some things – like landing a hot date…don’t. Men are all different so when it comes to taking dating advice you have to stick with what is commonly acceptable – what works for most guys. Below is a list of tips that you can follow that will help you get you a second date with that hot guy you can’t live without.

Use Manners

While it may seem old school, manners do still go a long way in the real world. It’s not just about saying the words “please” and “thank you”. Using manners is a form of respect. Showing your respect for someone else encourages them to give you their respect in return. That’s the solid basis of any relationship and that’s timeless.

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Care About Your Appearance

For a date with someone you’re into you want to put some thought into how presentable you wish to make yourself. No, you don’t have to spend two or three hours getting your hair done and buying all of the hottest fashions off the clothing racks at the mall. It’s not prom. However, showing you care enough to look your best for the person you’re with shows how much you care about them too. If you didn’t, you would’ve just rolled out of bed, right? Keep in mind that it’s not vain to want to look decent. As long as you aren’t kissing your reflection in your hand mirror you’re good.

Make Eye Contact

This is something a lot of people can’t do anymore. Society has become so glued to TV, Video Games, and Android Phones that people have sort of forgotten how to physically interact with others. It’s a shame to have to remind others to be human but we are animals. More specifically, we’re community animals. We need other people around us to love us and support us. Don’t forget that on your hot date and you’ll do well.

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Put Down the Smart Phone

Now, this may seem hard to do, but when you think about it if roles were reversed you wouldn’t want to be the one being put second to a phone call, would you? No way! If you’re seriously interested in someone you show them by paying attention to only them. After all, you might end up spending the rest of your life with them. If everything goes well of course.

Don’t Force a Kiss

First dates are usually too early for a first kiss unless there is a serious connection being mutually felt between both parties. Don’t ever try to force one. It will only ruin the date (or cause a seriously awkward moment neither of you want to remember). Moments for kisses do come but they can’t be preset. True love comes in time. Does that mean you won’t get kissed on your first date? Of course not! Sometimes if things go well it can happen but trying to make it happen will blow up in your face every time.

Following these five simple rules will definitely win you your date’s affection. Just be sure to be yourself when you incorporate them. Trying to be someone else doesn’t work well in the dating world either.

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