8 Things Men Expect on First Date

Going out on a first date is exciting. Women expect a lot from men on the first date. Men are simple-minded. It takes not more than twenty minutes for them to decide whether they will go out on a second date with you or not. Therefore, how you present yourself as a woman on the first date speaks a lot. In case you don’t know what to do, here is a list of what men expect on the first date.

1. A lot of smiling

If you want your first date to be a success, be inviting and warm. Present your soft side to your man by simply smiling. Smiling speaks a lot and sends your date in the right direction. Frowning makes your date uncomfortable and awkward because men look for women who are inviting, and not cold.

2. Self-confidence

There is nothing more exciting than a woman with confidence in who she is. On a first date, men look for a woman who is proud and appreciative of herself. Most women will avoid women with low self-esteem and self-doubt. If you like the man and you will want him to like you in return, have self-confidence.

3. Compliments

Women love compliments. Surprisingly, men want to be complimented as well. During the first date, men look for a woman who can give compliments. Thus, when a guy tells you that you have a beautiful smile or you look great, don’t shy to shoot a compliment right back at him. Taking and giving compliments tells your man that you are interested and you are not overly self-absorbed.

4. Ask about his life

Most women like to talk so much about themselves. They share every detail about their job, their day, their coworkers, their families and so on. The date is not about you alone but the both of you. If you don’t want your man to get bored, ask him to tell you more about himself, his family, and his job. Talk less but ask more, and your first day will be a success.

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5. Steady conversation

The objective of a first day is to know each other. Your date is likely to become problematic if your conversation is one-sided or boring. If you want to keep your man interested, show him your interest by having a steady conversation. If he asks you questions, answer confidently, and ask him questions as well.

6. Baggage-free

First dates are the first steps towards dating. Your man will not, therefore, expect you to mention your ex every time and then. If you don’t want your man to ignore you, talk about the two of you and not about your ex. Having some baggage is not a problem, but men will be looking for that woman who doesn’t let that baggage affect her current dating status.

7. Your attention

During the first date, men look for admiration and focus. Keep your phone in silent mode and off the table, preferably in your handbag. Put your focus and attraction on your man. This will also attract him towards you.

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8. Sexiness

Every woman looks forward to appearing beyond mere expression. Most men are attracted by the outward appearance at first sight. However, don’t overdo it. Your man will be looking for a woman who is sexy without trying. Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing, and don’t try to talk sexually. Wearing some nice perfumes, accenting your eyes with some makeup, and wearing a pop of red either on your nails or the lips will convey how sexy you are without going overboard.

First dates determine whether your man will be interested in having a second date with you or not. Knowing what men expect during the first date will keep you on the safe side by doing what is right, and winning the heart of your man. Remember to thank your man for his time and effort.

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