6 Compliments Every Man Loves to Hear From Their Girls

In a relationship, it is not just women who really love to hear that they look pretty and nice, or that they are wanted. Even if it is just a simple and cute compliment in order to kick off your man’s day or it is something deeper, it is essential that you give your man affirmations that will strengthen your relationship.

1. Appearance-specific and body compliments

While most men not get as much of those body shaming marketing compare to those women in the western society, majority of men are insecure when it comes to their physical appearance. Aside from that, each persona in spite of gender like telling or knowing that their partners finds them really pleasing. Whether it is his eyes, hands, things and even private parts, which are on the accepting end of the compliment, keep in mind that guys are not much picky. See more: how to make a man addicted to you

2. Compliments, which show that you really believe him

One of the greatest stuff that makes man melts if his partner supports him and be able to believe him. This is said to be one of the consistent things that many men would wanted to hear from girls.

3. Compliments, which express that you are really affected by him

All men essentially understand the feeling of having that someone walk past them who’s very attractive, which they go weak. There is sort of intoxicating rush of attraction, which they feel. Some examples of these are, “You always know how to make a happy or smile,” “You are the funniest guy I have ever know,” or “I love being in your presence. I have never been more secured and safe when I am with you,”

4. Compliments, which express how much you trust him as well as his ability to lead

Even if you blame biology or social conditioning, however, most men acquired a deep level love of being perceived as the top or the leader in their relationships and lives. You must be able to let him know that you are able to see him and that you have trust in him of being in your world. Some of the compliments you can tell him are, “I trust you,” and “I am always on your side.”

5. Compliments, which express that you respect him

There are some studies, which men feel respected as love. In addition, they put greater emotional premium on being respected than feeling loved necessarily. While those researches don’t necessarily men mean much individually, it is essential to remember that your partner loves to feel respected in your relationship.

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6. Compliments, which express acknowledgement of his efforts

You are much aware that each of us wants to be recognized for the effort we have put into our relationship. The same thing goes with men. You must express to him that you value what he does for you, even the simple things. Recognize and notice it all.

Keeping these compliments in mind will surely separate you from the crowd of girls that don’t understand how to value their man.

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