3 Types of Men to Avoid

Ever been on a date where you were really into someone and then suddenly they whip out their cell phone and start playing video games in front of you? Clearly the date would be over. Of course if it continued you’d be really bored and feeling pretty insignificant. I mean, who does that right? Surprisingly…a lot of guys do. The sad thing is, they don’t even realize they’re being rude. Modern age guys have become so attached to technology and a world of fantasy that often times their immaturity blinds them. Below are a few types of men you will want to avoid dating if you ever want to be happy.

The Hardcore Gamer

This is a trend that is affecting many, many guys. However, this advice pertains to the extreme cases of gamers. You know, the one you want to be with but they can’t seem to see you through their smart phone game apps? These are the guys who show utter devotion for you if you can get them to put down their controller or pry them away from their keyboard. Who doesn’t love a guy that wants to have fun? There are many girls that want to dive into the gaming action too and they’d be perfectly happy to date a guy that digs the same interest as them. But…when you look ten years down the line at your future, do you really want that person to be the exact same way they are now? Think about it, everything starts out wonderful the first couple of years and maybe then you get married and have kids. Only instead of letting the kids play with the gaming platforms your husband says they’re his and won’t let them play. Maybe he decides he doesn’t want to work. Now you’ve got kids and you have to support the family while he stays home and plays games. How could you ever be happy with someone like that? You can’t. It’s best to avoid this type of men. They often don’t fully mature. Should you choose to pursue one anyway, know that you’ve been forewarned.

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The Playa

Oh, everyone knows this type. This type of men has an ego so large it’s a wonder they don’t bang their head on the ceiling when they enter a room. Competitive and gregarious, these trendsetters are best to be avoided. They may have respect, but they won’t stay true to you. They crave the company of others so much so it would hurt any relationship. Best to leave the playas playin’ and move on to something better.

The Sociopath

Commonly referred to as arrogant, egotistical, and overly controlling, sometimes they’re just jerks. In actuality though a real sociopath is going to offer you nothing but trouble. They come on as charming and once they have you it’s a battle you’re in for down the line. Expect lots of verbal, emotional, and potentially physical abuse. Not a future anyone wants to have. Avoid these types at all cost, however they often don’t reveal their true colors until further into the future.

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No two people are alike and certainly stereotypes aren’t always true however…there is some truth to certain stereotypes. Be wary of the types of people you’re willing to date. Don’t settle for second best or Mr. Too-Good-to-Be-True. All too often people put a mask over themselves to impress people they’re attracted to. This is both a fantasy and a lie. Spend time with the person you’re with before making any strong commitments and get to know them inside and out. Remember, the whole point in dating is to find that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Make sure that person deserves you. You both deserve a life of happiness and you won’t ever find it if you aren’t honest with yourself or them.

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